Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rabies Threatening Your Life

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rabies is a disease caused by the lyssa virus from the group Rabdo viridae. This disease is very dangerous and can cause death in pets. Rabies can attack warm-blooded animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys and other warm-blooded animals.

Rabies is a zoonotic disease, in which the disease can be transmitted from animals to humans. Humans are bitten by an infected animal rabies disease, very high death rate. This is due to the virus will attack the nerves and causes paralysis of the nerve that also lead to paralysis and spasms in the limbs of the body.

In the cases occurred in the field of rabies infected animals generally occurs in wild animals, although sometimes occurs also in animals that are proprietary to obtain less care, so contact with infected wild dog rabies and are not routinely vaccinated.

Animals infected with rabies, especially dogs generally show symptoms such as:

    * Excessive Saliva out because of difficulty in swallowing
    * Not to obey their owners animals , become malignant and invasive
    * Hidrophobia (fear of water)
    * Cripple and will then cramp and ends with death
    * Death usually occurs after 4-7 days of symptoms or a maximum of 14 days after the case

Prevention can be done to avoid that animal is not infected with rabies vaccinations and routine health check periodically to the vet. Such action may avoid the possibility of contracting rabies.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best Female Body Part ogled Men

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rampage Women's Ashley Bra,Berry,34 B
Almost all male breast compact replied, when asked the most beautiful woman's body. They recognize it as the advantages and attractiveness of a woman.
Rampage Women's Ashley Bra,Berry,34 B

Research at the University of Wellington, New Zealand, reveals, 47 percent of male respondents tended to look toward your chest before we see the face of a woman. Gaze toward the breast is also relatively longer than the other body parts.

The study was conducted with six pictures show the woman to the male respondents. Six pictures showing a woman's face was the same, but with different body shapes and sizes. Digital engineering researchers at the breast, and the curve of her hips.

The researchers attention body parts of interest to the respondent when first saw the picture. They also consider the duration of gaze. In conclusion, the breast is the object of a woman's body that he was gazing at the latest.

Not only shows attractiveness of women, the study also produced some interesting conclusions related to a woman's body in the eyes of men.

- Size is not too important breast

Men tend to stare hard at his chest on the basis of reasons a woman's body beauty and artistic value. They're not really care about size.

- Makeup and hair not face major

Sherpa Delta Carrier - Black (Medium)Less than 20 percent of respondents who leads his first gaze to the face when she first met the woman. Gaze toward the face after the view to the chest area. Breasts are more attractive than faces.

What about pets? what first attract by your eyesight? get the answer ...

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